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Wingtra Total Maintenance Plan


All-in-one maintenance solution and a new WingtraOne drone bundle every two to four years for a flat yearly fee.

Wingtra Total Maintenance Plan

The Total Maintenance Plan (TMP) was specially created to provide you greater peace of mind regarding your Wingtra equipment. The plan includes an all-in-one maintenance solution and a new WingtraOne drone bundle every two to four years for a flat yearly fee.

Complete maintenance solution

In case of faulty equipment, Wingtra will replace or repair your equipment. You also get replacement batteries, propellers and other consumables when necessary.

  • Unlimited continuous warranty—it never expires
  • Unlimited parts and drone replacements in case of faulty equipment or at end of its service life
  • Free replacement of consumables (batteries, middle stand, propellers, etc.) in case of break/end of service life

Predictable costs every year

You pay a yearly flat fee. This amount is set, no matter the number of repairs or replacements.

  • Flat yearly fee
  • No more unpredictable maintenance costs

Your next WingtraOne is included

With the assistance of predictive maintenance algorithms, Wingtra will detect when your drone reaches the end of its lifetime and will replace it with a new drone.

  • A new drone bundle every two to four years is included in the price

Get outstanding support

Our support engineers are available to assist you with your WingtraOne.

Fixed yearly fee: Yes
Free repair in case of faulty equipment: Yes
Warranty coverage includes the drone, camera, PPK, backup drone and batteries: Yes
A new drone every 2 to 4 years: Yes
Free consumables: Yes
Software updates: Yes
E-mail support: Yes
Flight hours per year: 100 hours or Unlimited
Accidental Damage Protection: No


Wingtra Total Maintenance Plan (100 Hours), Wingtra Total Maintenance Plan (Unlimited)

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