Wingtra Accidental Damage Protection


Protect your WingtraOne in case of the odd incidental damage to your drone.

Protect your WingtraOne in case of the odd incidental damage to your drone. Accidental damage refers to a physical breakage or failure that is not due to a manufacturing defect. Damage can be due to, for example, improper use, poor flight planning, mishandling during transport or changing environmental conditions.

  • Extends the warranty coverage to accidental damage
  • In case of damage, WingtraOne will be replaced or repaired*
    *Fair use policy applies. Wingtra may increase the deductible in case of repeated replacements or may terminate or refuse WingtraProtect.


  • Only available for WingtraOne with active warranty
  • Deductible / replacement contribution in case of damage: 20% of repair cost—minimum of USD 500 and maximum of USD 4’500

What is typically covered?
ADP generally includes damage that specifically relates to an incident and results in significant structural or electronic damage. Incidents include mishandling during transport or drops, a planning mistake, or a change in environmental conditions after take-off.


  • Warehouse staff places other equipment on the drone by mistake and the main beam of the wing breaks
  • You turn-off terrain following and plan a flight into a mountain
  • You drop the drone into water
  • You forget to mount high altitude propellers and fly at 4000 m above sea level

What is not covered?
ADP does not cover damages that are deliberately caused by the user to the equipment or resulting from use outside of the recommended operating conditions. Cosmetic damages that do not affect the proper operation of the equipment and normal aging of parts are also excluded. Please read the full terms and conditions.


  • Cracks around pitot tube
  • Scratches and cracks in wing after tipping
  • A battery needs to be replaced because its capacity is reduced due to many charging cycles
  • A middle stand breaks after many landings
  • You fly the drone higher than 5000 m above sea level


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