Special drone-mounted cameras capture light in various wavelengths to produce color and color-infrared images of exceptional spatial resolution. Multi-spectral technology is versatile, effective, and essential for agriculture, agronomy, forestry, natural resource management, research, and a variety of other applications.

Multi-Spectral Drones

DJI P4 Multispectral DJI Mavic 2
Enterprise Advanced
WingtraOne Gen II
Transport Weight 12 lbs 13 lbs 13 lbs
Transport Dimensions 18" x 14" x 10" 8.43" x 3.58" x 3.31" 55" x 29" x 7"
Flight Time 27 mins 31 mins 59 mins
Available Sensors RGB Sensor 32X Digital Zoom RX1R 42 MP,
a6100 20 MP,
Micasense Altum,
Gimbal (moveable/rotating or fixed) Rotating Rotating Fixed
Real-Time Video (Sensor/First-Person View) Yes Yes No
Fixed Wing vs Multi-Rotor Multi-Rotor Multi-Rotor Fixed Wing
Obstacle Avoidance Yes Yes No
Project Area Size 116 acres at 590' 40 acres RX1 at 520 acres
a6100 at 600 acres
Weather Resisting Rating N/A N/A IP54
Battery Charge Time 1 hr 2 hr 1 hr
Number of Batteries for Operation 1 1 2
Cruise Speed 22 mph 31 mph 38 mph
Wind Tolerance 25 mph 22 mph 19 mpg (ground),
27 mph (cruise)
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